miss lou.

“I’m full of stories…like Miss Lou.” I only responded in blinks. When the beau referenced “Miss Lou” tonight, I thought he was talking about my paternal grandmother. My dad’s mother went by the… Continue reading


Meredith and I are winding down another IFBC weekend, this time in Seattle. Here are a few photos from around the city (mostly Pike Place Market) from our time here. Seattle totally surprised… Continue reading

Mango curd.

The beginning of this year’s mango season found me eating them straight from a tree under the blazing hot Jamaican sun. More fruit trees and flowering plants fill the grounds of the villa… Continue reading


“You’re eating a tail?” I think I told the inquisitive 4th grader that I was not and changed the subject. At that age, I wasn’t completely sure exactly what part of the animal I was eating. I just knew… Continue reading

Interview with my mom.

Behind every cook, every recipe and every meal is a story. My parents are the introduction to many of the stories I tell, even today, about food. This isn’t a surprise because I,… Continue reading


Spending the holidays away from the Northeast always gives me a bit of anxiety. I cling to what’s familiar, maybe too tightly. Christmases in Connecticut feel like a world away from the unbridled… Continue reading

From PDX to here.

A few months ago, Meredith and I spent a whirlwind weekend on the West Coast. We took off bright and early from La Guardia Airport destined for Portland for the International Food Bloggers Conference. In… Continue reading